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The Construction process    

Design and Planning
A sales consultant will aid you in designing the pool of your dreams while carefully paying attention to specific details regarding soil conditions, obstacles, elevation, location, and city requirements.

The day of excavation begins with providing access for the trackhoe or bobcat to enter and exit the backyard. The yard will be graded and any trees, shrubs, or concrete in the designated construction area will be removed and then the pool will be staked-out and elevations set according to the design plans.
Steel bars are placed on the walls, floor, and beam of the pool and are used to reinforce the structure of the swimming pool and maintain structural integrity.
Plumbing is installed behind the steel framework. Proper plumbing and the appropriate use of valves is essential for maintaining ample flow of water to and from the pool, spa and water features.
Gunite is pneumatically applied concrete where cement and sand are mixed and applied through a hose under pressure while at the same time mixing with water.
Tile and Coping
The Tile and Coping phase help create the overall aesthetics of the pool using the materials that you have selected.
Equipment Installation
At this point of construction we will deliver the pump, filter, heater and any other equipment purchased at time of contract. This equipment will be plumbed, pressurized and ready for inspection.
Our licensed electricians will install the wiring that runs the pool’s lights, pumps, heaters, time clocks, and remote controls. The electrician will require access to your electrical panel, usually located in your garage.
The deck process begins with the installation of a drainage system. A layer of sand will be spread on the ground to create a base and the deck will be formed according to the design plans. Reinforced steel is installed. If required, the city will inspect the deck form and the plumbing lines will be tested to ensure they hold adequate pressure. The deck will then be poured and expansion joints placed throughout to allow for ground movement and minimize cracking.
The most common plaster is white marble which is applied through a hose and hand-trawled to achieve a smooth interior finish. You may choose to upgrade to one of the many quartz or pebble finishes available in many colors. After installation the plaster crew will begin filling the pool with water. Regardless of the type of plaster installed, it is extremely important to brush the pool twice a day for two weeks to keep the plaster dust from settling and scaling which may also result in a rougher finish.
When your pool is full, our crews will start up the pool equipment and ensure that everything is operational. They will also instruct you on the proper use of the equipment and how to maintain your new swimming pool.

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